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Tooth fillings (also called restorations) are a treatment for cavities and chipped teeth.  If you feel like you have a cavity, it’s a good idea to make a dental appointment to have your teeth checked and discuss your options.

What is a cavity?

The words “cavity” refers to tooth decay.  You get cavities when harmful bacteria make an acid that decays the tooth structure.  Cavities might show up as a dark spot or a bright white spot, but not always.  A cavity might create a hole in a tooth, but not always.  When cavities are hidden between the teeth, we can only see them on x-rays.  If a small cavity is ignored, it can grow into a larger cavity and cause problems like pain, infection, tooth breakage, and tooth loss.

What happens during a filling?

First, the dentist numbs your mouth and removes the decayed part of the tooth.  Then the dentist places a filling material to replace the damaged part of the tooth.  After this, the filling is shaped and smoothed.

What color is the filling?

We mainly use white tooth-colored (white) filling materials.  Our filling materials come in different shades, and we choose the shade that best matches your tooth.  We offer two different tooth-colored filling materials: composite resin and glass ionomer.  Feel free to ask your dentist which filling material is best for you.

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