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A tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from the mouth.

Do I need a tooth extracted?

Here are some different reasons why you might need to have a tooth extracted:

  • Infected, painful, or broken teeth that can’t be repaired
  • Baby teeth that don’t fall out on their own
  • Wisdom teeth that are currently causing problems or at risk for causing problems
  • There isn’t enough room in the mouth for all the teeth

What should I expect?

First, we examine the tooth and take any necessary x-rays.  We check the tooth, tooth roots, surrounding structures (like sinuses and nerves), and evaluate your health conditions.  If we determine that extraction of your tooth might be difficult or risky, we may refer you to an oral surgeon for treatment.  We can also refer you to an oral surgeon if you would like to be sedated (go to sleep) during the procedure – sedation is not available at our clinic.

Before the extraction, we use local anesthetic to numb your mouth and make you as comfortable as possible.  The amount of time needed to extract the tooth depends on the complexity of the case.  Some extractions are fast and take only a few minutes.  Other cases are more complicated and may take 30 minutes or more.  In some cases, your dentist might need to use the surgical handpiece (drill) or place stitches.

After the extraction, we give you detailed instructions for taking care of your mouth.  As you heal, it’s important to keep your mouth clean, be gentle with the surgical areas, and follow your dentist’s instructions.  If at any time you have questions or problems, feel free to call the dental clinic, and we would be happy to assist you.

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