Student Education

At SFHC, one of our values is education. We pride ourselves on educating our patients, each other, and physicians for rural Kansas, through our Residency Program, Smoky Hill Family Medicine Residency Program (SHFMRP). We welcome students who are looking for rotation sites, or simply to shadow and learn about the healthcare field. Interested in learning more? Check below for the appropriate contact.

Student Application Packet Student Shadowing Packet

Medical Students

We welcome all levels of medical students! Whether you are wondering about going to medical school or ready to choose your final rotations, we’d love to talk to you about completing them with us. Questions? Please contact Krista Galvan, Residency Program Coordinator, at or 785-825-7251 ext. 393.

PA or NP Students

We welcome PA and NP students who are currently looking for a community health center rotation site. Questions? Please contact Courtney Flora, Residency Support Specialist, at or 785-825-7251 ext. 235.

Dental Students

Our Dental Clinic welcomes Dental Assistant, Dental Hygiene, and Dentist Students! Questions? Please contact Alyse Gotti, Dental Hygienist, at or 785-826-9017 ext. 628.

Pharmacy Students

Our Pharmacy is a great place to learn about the 340B Program and get real-time, integrated experience in a health care center. Questions? Please contact Cassie Shields, Clinical Pharmacist, at or 785-825-7251 ext. 404.

Behavioral Health Students

Our dedicated team of behavioral health professionals are committed to teaching others about different therapy techniques. Questions? Please contact Samantha Coup-Metzler, Behavioral Health Integration Supervisor, at or 785-825-7251 ext. 254.

Lab Students

We welcome all levels of students! Questions? Please contact Cindy Jamison, Lab/X-Ray Supervisor, at or 785-825-7251 ext. 398.

Nursing Students

We welcome all levels of students! Questions? Please contact Alice Brown, Nursing Supervisor, at or 785-825-7251 ext. 288.

Want to learn more, but aren’t sure who to contact? Reach out to Jamie Boatright, HR and Compliance Supervisor, at or 785-825-7251 ext. 283. Please note that all credentialing pieces must be completed prior to starting a rotation.