Our Values

Here’s what extraordinary care for all – no exceptions, means to us.


We aim to maintain the highest quality of care: medical, dental, pharmacy, behavioral health. Period.


See that beautiful, big purple bus there? That’s our mobile clinic. When we heard that our community needed health services in their own neighborhood, we found a solution. We’re great at creative solutions to make your life easier. We’re committed to seeking better, more ‘cutting edge’ ways to achieve your goals and ours.


We work collaboratively within our departments, across departments, and in our community to achieve our goals. One of the best examples of our dedication to teamwork to keep the community healthy is our Saline County Vaccination Collaboration – responsible for administering tens of thousands of COVID-19 vaccinations!

Social Justice

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, dignity, and compassion, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, or financial status. We advocate for all of our patients, coworkers, and community. Our Quality Department helps patients access whatever they may be needing, even if it’s not healthcare related. Our HR team keeps a fund to help employees when a hardship hits. Those are just a few of our many efforts.


Did you know that we host a residency program? Residencies are training programs that doctors undertake after becoming physicians. In addition, we also host nearly 200 students of pharmacy, dental, and more, for work-based learning each year. Facilitating learning for all employees, patients, and students is very important to us.

Ethics & Integrity

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional behavior. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why our employee retention rate is so high! Over 40% of our employees have been with us over 5 years. Many have been here 15+ years. Plus, nearly 20% of our positions are brand new within the last 5 years. Our team has heart and cares deeply for our patients.


All of our patients have the opportunity to have integrated-care. This means that their medical provider, dentist, pharmacist, and therapist are all talking to each other, creating a plan together to achieve the best health. Plus, they are all in the same building – making it easier for you to get all your healthcare. Our team works with patients to create a plan that takes into account your wants too. They respect and respond to preferences, needs, and values to ensure that your values guide decisions.


We believe all people should have access to high quality, primary health care which includes the integration of multidisciplinary services. Through our medical and dental outreach efforts, we see many patients outside of our four walls, too! We are a healthcare home for everyone!