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Dentures and partial dentures are options for replacing missing teeth.

What’s the difference between a denture and a partial denture?

When people say the word “denture” by itself, they’re usually referring to a full denture.  An upper full denture replaces all of the upper teeth, and a lower full denture replaces all of the lower teeth.

A “partial denture” (also called a partial) is an option if you’re missing some of your teeth, but not all of your teeth.  An upper partial replaces some missing upper teeth.  A lower partial denture replaces some missing lower teeth.

It’s possible to have both a full denture and a partial denture.  For example, someone who is missing all upper teeth, but still has some healthy lower teeth, can have an upper full denture and a lower partial denture.

If you’re interested in replacing missing teeth, talk to your dentist about what options are best for you.

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