What is Behavioral Health anyway?

You may have heard that Salina Family Healthcare Center (SFHC) offers behavioral health services. If so, great! Keep reading to learn more about us. If not, we’re glad you’re here and we can share more information about how we can care for you holistically, integrating both your mental and physical health. Our behavioral health staff members collaborate closely with your primary care provider to care for you as a whole person, and provide their specific mental health expertise.

At SFHC, we offer traditional psychotherapy, psychiatric medication management, and are soon to offer psychological testing services. More on this below:

  • Psychotherapy, often just called “therapy” or “counseling,” is when you meet with a therapist or a therapist trainee to explore issues related to your mental wellbeing. For therapy, you will typically meet with your therapist anywhere from once per week to once per month, and work toward achieving specific mental health goals. Your therapist will walk alongside you in your journey toward mental wellness and be able to provide you with perspective and feedback that is difficult to get from peers, friends, and family members.
  • Psychiatric medication management is a type of specialty psychiatric care where our psychiatric medication specialist consults with you specifically about your mental health needs and works to find a medication that works best for you. While your primary care provider also can prescribe psychiatric medications, our psychiatric medication specialist exclusively attends to your mental health needs, and is able to provide an added layer of support on top of what your primary care provider is already giving you.
  • Psychological testing is a service that SFHC is working to add to our menu of treatment options. Psychological testing can be used to explore multiple issues, including (but not limited to) clarifying your diagnoses, identifying ADHD, or providing psychological evaluations. The start date of testing services is still to be decided, but will be available soon.

Have more questions about ways that SFHC can care for your mental health needs? Feel free to call and request to speak with one of our behavioral health staff members for more information!