Want to work here? Well, you will!

Hi, I’m Cassidy, and I’m the Sr. HR Coordinator at Salina Family Healthcare Center. I could write 10,000 pages about why SFHC is a great place to work, but I’ll stick to the top 5 reasons for time’s sake!

  • Mission and Values. Tired of working somewhere where the mission is to get the job done and…well, that’s it? I would be too. The mission of SFHC is to serve our community at the crossroads of compassionate healthcare and education. We are here for the greater good of Salina by providing quality healthcare to the community and training physicians to be great practitioners. The mission is big, huge important stuff and each employee plays a key part in the action.
  • Culture and People. We are fun people. Like, super-cool, let’s dress up for Halloween, walk in a holiday parade, and celebrate every-little-old-thing type of people. We know that work is where you are at the majority of the time and we strive to make our environment engaging, exciting, and just plain fun.
  • Goals, goals, goals. We love tracking data, seeing where we can improve, and then smashing the heck out of our goals. If you are looking for somewhere where you can do the bare minimum, we are not the place for you. We strive to do better and then we do it!
  • Learning is fun. You might not remember this fact from your school days, but let me tell it’s true, and it’s a big part of what we do here, from personally growing to watching students and residents learn new skills.
  • We love our patients. They are why we are all here. Whether that transfers to the behind the scenes work or by providing direct patient care, our patients set the stage for us to provide compassionate and quality care.