Vaccine FAQ 2/16

Once I’ve been vaccinated do I still need to wear a mask and distance?

  • Yes. According to the CDC, there is not enough information available to say if or when the CDC will stop recommending masks and avoiding close proximity with others. There are a variety of factors that will affect their decision: number of people vaccinated, virus spread, and etc. There is currently not enough information to determine if those who have been vaccinated can spread the virus to other people, even if they do not get sick.

Who is eligible for vaccination as of 2/16?

  • In Saline County, the Health Department has moved into Phase 2. Those currently eligible for vaccination are: healthcare workers, residents in long-term care, people aged 65+, teachers, childcare providers, and first responders. Those also included in Phase 2 who will be eligible for vaccination next are those living in congregate settings and high-contact critical workers.

How do I/my friend(s) put my/their name on the registry if I/they don’t have a computer?

  • We recommend getting on the registry primarily by going to . If you do not have someone who can assist you in registering, the Salina Senior Center is available to assist on site. You may also call 785- Saline County Health Department (785) 826-6600,  Salina Regional Health Center (785) 518- 0704, Salina Senior Center (785) 827-9818, or Salina Family Healthcare Center (785) 825-7251 for assistance.

When will I get the vaccine?

  • Initial supply of vaccine is insufficient to vaccinate all who want it.  Thus, decision makers at the federal and state government levels have created a system of distribution and vaccination to begin the process of COVID-19 vaccination. Timing of vaccination for specific people in specific phases is uncertain and largely based on supply. If you have not already, and are currently eligible for vaccination, please put your name on the vaccination registry at .  Over time, with an increase in supply, additional medical clinics will start doing COVID-19 vaccinations for their own patients, although the timing is uncertain.

I’ve had COVID, can I get vaccinated?

  • Yes. However, please do not come to your vaccination appointment if you are still experiencing symptoms or are not released from quarantine.

Can I get a COVID test without the nasal swab?

  • SFHC currently offers free saliva-based COVID-19 tests. To get one, please ask the front door greeter at our clinic. Tests require access to internet and ability to receive text messages. Results will come to your mobile phone a few days after you mail back the test. All test kits come with instructions.

Can I just get one COVID-19 vaccination?

  • With the currently available COVID-19 vaccines, you must get two shots.  For these two vaccines, the effectiveness of one shot is significantly less than the two shots.  It is anticipated that COVID-19 vaccines to be FDA-approved in the near future will be one shot, so do not be surprised if the shot you get will be only one shot.

Can I take pain medicine prior to getting my COVID-19 vaccination?

  • It is not recommended to pre-medicate for the vaccine by taking pain medication, like acetaminophen or ibuprofen, prior to getting a COVID-19 vaccine.  Take these medications only if you regularly take them for another condition.  The effect of these pain and fever reducing medicines on the effectiveness of the vaccine is uncertain.  If you develop symptoms of pain or fever from the vaccine, it is then OK to take acetaminophen or ibuprofen to treat these symptoms.  Many will not get these symptoms.

Can I get my COVID shot and other annual shots at the same time?

  • Please wait at least 14 days between your COVID vaccine and any other vaccine, such as shingles or flu. This may change as the CDC has more data on vaccines administered simultaneously.

How do I report any reactions I have from the COVID-19 vaccine?

  • If you are having a severe reaction please call 911. You can report any side-effects to your usual medical provider or on the CDC website, V-Safe. You can learn more about it and register at this link: .