New Vaccination Scheduling Platform

                Initially, as the COVID-19 vaccination program began to roll out, SFHC tried a variety of ways to get in contact with and schedule those in the beginning Phases – emails to employers, phone calls, no ‘waitlist.’ However, scheduling 900+ appointments a week via phone was enough work to use four or more Full Time staff members, doing nothing but making phone calls. This didn’t include the manpower needed to continue the testing program, administer the vaccines, market their availability, and keep up with the logistics of vaccination shipments and allocation.

                SFHC is proud to have worked with 502 – A Strategic Marketing Agency, to create a vaccination scheduling platform – saving valuable staff hours and creating a solution that makes the most sense for community members waiting to be vaccinated.

When your Phase is being vaccinated you may register for vaccination at . Your form submission adds you to the registration list. An email will also follow, confirming your registration. Those eligible for vaccination, in chronological order from their registration submission, are then sent a custom link, when vaccines are available, inviting them to schedule a vaccination appointment.

                On this page, viewers can select their date and time for vaccination, as well as let the Vaccination Collaboration know if they have decided to not get the vaccine, have gotten it elsewhere, or are unable to schedule during the dates/times available. Typically, there are only two days of scheduling options in the invitation, due to vaccination supply for the week.

                Once you have submitted your appointment slot, the custom link will no longer allow anyone else to schedule – removing the ability to schedule multiple people with the same email link. Submitting your appointment time also generates an email confirmation that confirms your appointment time, directs you to the required paperwork, and reminds of housekeeping items that ensure the vaccination clinic runs smoothly.

                If you do not see your scheduling message until 36 hours after it was sent, the link will expire. Then, the SFHC team calls to assist in scheduling appointments, much like when someone has no email address listed. We estimate that the scheduling solution has reduced our outgoing COVID-19 vaccination scheduling calls by approximately 70% over the first three weeks and is saving crucial staff time that can now be moved to assist with vaccination administration and support.

                Our team would like to thank 502, our marketing agency partner, for quickly and creatively coming up with a solution to help our team and community members to navigate the COVID-19 vaccination scheduling process as painlessly as possible.