December 28, 2020

There are now two COVID-19 vaccines being distributed across the country, one by Pfizer and the other by Moderna.  This update represents Salina Family Healthcare Center’s understanding of the current situation related to COVID-19 vaccination.  Please be aware that information being provided to local leaders is often coming at the same time it is being released to the general public.  There is much uncertainty in the entire process, which to some degree is understandable.  SFHC hopes that updating what we do know helps the community feel more confident that the vaccine is coming.  Please hold on.  Keep masking.  Keep social distancing.  Vaccinate when your group is called.

  1. Initial supply of vaccine is insufficient to vaccinate all who want it.  Thus, decision makers at the federal and state government levels have created a system of distribution and vaccination to begin the process of COVID-19 vaccination.
  2. Using federal guidance, state leaders set the priority list for COVID-19 vaccination.  Vaccinating those at greatest risk of complications of COVID-19 (nursing home residents) and those working in the healthcare field were tagged to receive the initial doses.
  3. National leaders tasked large chain pharmacies with vaccinating those in nursing homes.
  4. National leaders tasked hospitals, health departments, and federally-qualified community health centers with vaccinating healthcare workers. 
  5. Locally, initial vaccine supply has been received by Salina Regional Health Center, the Saline County Health Department, and Salina Family Health Care Center.  Vaccination of healthcare workers has begun.
  6. Salina Regional Health Center, the Saline County Health Department, and Salina Family Health Care Center are collaborating to identify and vaccinate groups that meet the criteria set forth by the federal and state governments.
  7. Over time, additional groups will be added to broaden those identified as eligible to receive the vaccine.  Timing of this broadening is uncertain and is again guided at the state level.  It is our understanding that the next groups to be added are those over age 75 years of age and groups identified as essential workers.  What qualifies as an essential worker is not fully certain at this time.
  8. It is our understanding that as vaccine supply increases additional healthcare providers will be identified as COVID-19 vaccination providers, although the timing and extent of this process is uncertain at this time.

Please know that we are entering a period of COVID-19 vaccine scarcity.  Supply does not meet the immediate demand.  Hopefully, national leaders and vaccine manufacturers remedy this mismatch as quickly as possible.  In the meantime, please know that local leaders tasked with the local rollout are working diligently to make the process as smooth as possible.