American Heart Month

In March 2020 the US entered a new era of health concerns – the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Since that time over 850,000 Americans have lost their lives to this devastating infectious disease.  However, since that time, the Number 1 killer of Americans has not been COVID-19.  It has been Heart Disease.

Heart Disease has been the greatest cause of mortality in the US for many years.  Risk factors for heart disease, such as obesity, diabetes, sedentary lifestyle, and high blood pressure, have been on the rise.  Advancements in treatment for those with heart disease have helped treat the disease, but prevention has lagged.  And that is on all of us.

Please take the American Heart Month – February – as a serious call to action by using the tools available to us all to fight heart disease along side our primary care providers and cardiologists.  Visit the American Heart Association website for valuable information on what you can do.  Talk to your trusted health care provider for good advice.  Most importantly, take that first step!  Someone important in your life will appreciate it.

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