Team Based Care

Salina Family Healthcare Center has six full-time and two part-time M.D. providers who serve as faculty to our fourteen family medicine residents and provide oversight of four midlevel providers. We have five teams, each comprised of a Faculty Physician, a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year Resident, a Mid-Level Provider (PA or ARNP) or Non-faculty Provider, a Nurse and a Medical Assistant. The team-based approach improves access and continuity of care by the providers and teams to their patients.

Abbey Rupe, MD- Faculty
Amanda Miller, MD- Resident
Jenica Wessels, MD- Resident
Jacob Nagely, MD - Resident
Leslie Mack, ARNP
Red Team Nurse
Immunization Nurse - Pod 1
Red Team Medical Assistant
Red & Green Team Floating Medical Assistant
Rob Freelove, MD- Faculty
Chuck Allred, MD- Faculty
Matthew Pyle, DO - Resident
Tyson Wisinger, MD - Resident
Martha Riese, MD - Resident
Molly Biggs, PA
Green Team Nurse
Green Team Medical Assistant
Bob Kraft, MD- Faculty
Leah Peterson, MD - Faculty
Krista Dewitt, MD - Resident
Luke Rosebraugh, MD - Resident
Nathan Davis, MD - Resident
Seth Metzler, PA
Yellow Team Nurse
Yellow Team Medical Assistant
Chantel Long, MD - Faculty
Rachel Carney, DO - Resident
Tony Nguyen, DO - Resident
Scott Rempel, MD - Resident
Allison Edwards, PA
Blue Team Nurse
Immunization Nurse - Pod 2
Blue Team Medical Assistant
Blue & Yellow Team Floating Medical Assistant
Alice, RN - Nursing Supervisor
Purple Team Procedure Nurse
Purple Team Nurse
Purple Team Interpreter
Purple Team Medical Assistant
Purple Team Referral Clerks
Extended Hours Floating Medical Assistant
Danielle Blea, LCMFT, LCAC -
Behavioral Health Faculty
Katie Herwig, LSCSW, LCAC - Behaviorist
Kimberly Williams, MD - Faculty
Kyle Miller, MD - Resident
Lauren Ferrell, MD - Resident
Anna Rempel, MD - Resident
Al Geisen, MD - Physician
Orange Team Nurse
Orange Team Medical Assistant