Patient Centered Healthcare Home



Introduction to the Patient Centered Medical Home


PCMH Standard Sheet


Salina Family Healthcare Center is currently part of an exciting journey to transform our organization into a Patient-Centered Healthcare Home. A Patient-Centered Healthcare Home (PCHH) is a concept that puts the patient first, by coordinating care among a team of providers, the individual patient, the patient's family members and community resources. It is a way to give you more comprehensive and personal care. We are currently working with TransforMED to facilitate our transformation.


There are 8 core areas of emphasis in the Patient-Centered Healthcare Home Model:


  • Access to Care and Information
  • Practice Services
  • Care Management
  • Care Coordination
  • Practice-Based Care Team
  • Quality and Safety
  • Health Information Technology
  • Practice Management


Some of the projects that we have accomplished in this process include:


  • Development of a new patient packet
  • Formalized processes to expedite lab and x-ray reports
  • Implemented a proactive process for follow-up visits
  • Development of community-based resources page
  • Integrated pediatric dental care into medical care visits
  • Development of a new practice website
  • Established a Facebook page
  • Beautification projects around clinic and facility